Chris Lori

Pro Trader Complete Forex Course
Chris Lori, CTA

Chris Lori's Pro Trader Complete Forex Course is rated by many as the most comprehensive course in the forex trading marketplace.

It is a fact that the most successful traders in the world have a comprehensive understanding of the market they are trading. In his forex course, using the Fibonacci Trader SRV software, Chris clearly explains multiple technical strategies that he uses to trade manage funds and combines countless unique fundamental and technical characteristics to help you increase your understanding of the forex market.

The Pro Trader Complete Forex Course is a unique blend of Fibonacci time and price relationships and pattern recognition. The course starts with the fundamental aspects of trading in the foreign exchange market explaining how the banks operate, how it is reflected in price action and how you can immediately identify the activity of the fund managers and banks. The course thoroughly explains strategies that Chris uses in his everyday trading as he walks through with you step by step approaches to identifying trades, specific price entry points, position management and risk control.

Course Content Overview  More then 24hrs of lessons, simulated and recorded live trades  Simulated trading scenario's following the introduction of every new tool and strategy using Fibonacci Trader SRV software  Recorded live trades  How the banks work

        The Course is Online Only. We no longer distribute hard copies of the course.

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Course Format

1) Practical Theory

Each section of the course begins with the practical theory and application of tools in a slide presentation with clear and specific examples of how the tools are applied.

2) Simulated Examples

Each section that introduces a new tool or strategy is followed up with several simulated trading scenario to show specific examples of market dynamics when using the approach.

3) Live Trading Examples

There are several live trading examples that show application of the methods taught when the market is in a live and dynamic environment. This is important so one can grasp the integration of the various tools in live market time.

What about Follow Up?

The course will include one month free of Chris' Pro Traders Club at where you can view countless videos of live application and explanation of tools in current market conditions.

About Chris
Chris Lori is a registered CTA and proprietary Foreign Exchange Trader for Seaview Capital Inc. where he is President, and trades for private and institutional clients worldwide.

Chris' trading strategies are a unique integration of Fibonacci ratio time and price relationships in pattern recognition. As he has throughout his trading career, Chris continues to spend countless hours identifying unique characteristics and pattern changes in price movement in the foreign exchange market.

Chris has shared his insights and techniques with traders and fund managers worldwide. The high demand for Chris as a speaker, trainer and fund manager has placed him on the global stage with frequent speaking engagements and workshops in Singapore, Australia, USA, Canada and Europe. Chris is a guest on Canada's "Money Talks" Radio show, Singapore's Radio 938, and has written articles for financial publications in Singapore, USA and Canada.

In 1988, Chris completed the Canadian Securities Course and has had a passion for trading in the financial markets ever since. Previous to his career as a fund manager, Chris competed in four Olympic Winter Games and won the prestigious Overall World Cup title in the sport of bobsleigh. Chris totaled nine Crystal Globes for Overall World Cup final standings and accumulated twenty-two World Cup Medals during an outstanding bobsledding career. Chris was a likeable model athlete in Canada where his success brought him celebrity status and high demand for appearances and endorsements.

On the financial front, Chris' experience as a foreign exchange fund manager has inspired Chris to author educational materials for forex traders, such as; Pro Trader Advanced Course, Understanding Global Fundamentals for Foreign Exchange Traders, Strategies for Optimal Entry and Position Management, Scalping in the Forex Market, and Powerful Reversal Formations. Chris has also authored an e-book on the psychology of trading titled, "Face the Trader Within," and an article titled "Foreign Exchange and Your Portfolio."

It is clear that he harbors the psychological prowess that he acquired as a tenacious winner in Olympic sport that is essential for success in trading.

Chris continues to strive for excellence in his trading, fund management and mentoring career. He is a dynamic leader who fosters the importance of integrity, discipline and truth in trading and in life.

For Questions about Chris' course, you can contact him at

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Course Details:

CD Disk 1

1. Introduction

1.1. Chris Lori Introduction (10:34)
1.2. How to Proceed thru Course (05:40)

2. Forex Basics - Part I

2.1. Forex Overview (27:00)
2.2. Order Entry Rules (7:30)
2.3. Order Entry Examples (9:52)

CD Disk 2

2. Forex Basics - Part II

2.4. FX Flows and BIS stats (16:18)
2.5. The Carry Trade Opportunity (7:34)
2.6. Anatomy of a Chart (8:06)

3. Japanese Candlesticks Useful in Forex

3.1. Japanese Candlesticks Useful in Forex (30:35)
3.2. Daily Candlestick Chart Simtrade (4:04)
3.3. 4hr Candlestick Chart Simtrade (3:25)
3.4. 60m Candlestick Chart Simtrade (4:40)

4. Support Resistance Fractals Flows - Part I

4.1. Introduction to Support and Resistance (5:27)
4.2. Understanding Resistance (7:52)
4.3. Understanding Support (8:07)
4.4. Critical Study of SR Fractals and FX Flows (37:58)
4.5. Real Trade Example of Why SR is Important (11:30)
4.6. SR on a Daily Chart Rules! (7:27)
4.7. Trade within Larger Timeframe SR (4:05)
4.8. Using Smaller Timeframe to Pick Your Ideal Entry (13:38)

CD Disk 3

4. Support Resistance Fractals Flows - Part II

4.9. 60m EUR Simtrade (5:44)
4.10. SR Simtrades You Should Consider (16:56)
4.11. Using 15m Fractals to Enter and Exit Trades (08:17)
4.12. Keep an Eye on Your 5m Chart When Managing a Trade (03:47)
4.13. EUR Live Trade and Application of Important SR (37:09)

5. Tom DeMark Trend Lines

5.1. Tom DeMark Uptrend Lines (11:59)
5.2. Tom DeMark Uptrend example (6:03)
5.3. Tom DeMark Downtrend Lines (9:16)
5.4. Tom DeMark Downtrend example (06:33)

6. Common Sense Trend Lines

6.1. Common Sense Uptrend Lines (10:09)
6.2. Drawing Short Term TL's (4:07)
6.3. Trendline Basics (2:43)
6.4. Trendlines and Multiple Timeframes (5:34)
6.5. Common Sense Downtrend Lines (17:36)
6.6. Top Down Analysis and Trend Lines (5:23)

CD Disk 4

7. MACD in Forex

7.1. MACD Anatomy (8:40)
7.2. What is MACD Positive Divergence (17:47)
7.3. What is MACD Negative Divergence (12:19)
7.4. How to Trade MACD Top Down (7:05 )
7.5. MACD GBP Simtrade (8:56 )
7.6. MACD CHF Multi Timeframe Divergence ( 5:31 )

8. Pivot Points

8.1. Introduction to Pivot Points (10:13 )
8.2. Calculating Pivots (6:52)
8.3. Pivot Probabilities in Buy and Sell Zones (33:13)
8.4. Trading Pivots in a Trending Market (17:40)
8.5. Trading Pivots in a Consolidating Market (6:32 )
8.6. Pivot Strategy and Key Reversals (2:58 )

9. Economic Reports - Part I

9.1. What is an Economic Report (3:26)
9.2. Regional Major Market Moving Reports (10:24)

CD Disk 5

9. Economic Reports - Part II

9.3. You Want to Trade NFP? (13:51)
9.4. What Can Happen at Fundy Time (4:35)
9.5. Why The Wild Price Action? (8:45)
9.6. Pay Attention to Global Data Releases and Economics (5:39)

10. Daily Bank Dealing High and Low Levels

10.1. Importance of Daily Highs and Lows (28:29)
10.2. A Strategy with Consistent Trade Set Ups ( 15:22 )
10.3. GBP 15m a Closer Look at Daily HL's (7:27 )
10.4. GBP 15m Intraday example (8:27 )
10.5. EUR 15m a Close Up of the Trade ( 05:41 )
10.6. Look for Key Levels to Converge with Daily HL's ( 02:50 )
10.7. GBP Volatility is a Favorite ( 16:03 )
10.8. You Prefer EUR, Here You Go ( 06:52 )
10.9. Watch Chris Lori Apply the Strategy Live (37:09)

CD Disk 6

11. Fibonacci - Part I

11.1. Convergence Trading Strategies (12:29)
11.2. Understanding Fibonacci Retracements (14:22 )
11.3. Fibonacci Application in UP Trends (16:32 )
11.4. Using the Fib Tool in an Up Trend (11:57)
11.5. Fibonacci Application in Down Trends (20:08 )
11.6. Using the Fib Tool in a Down Trend (8:31 )
11.7. Finding Position Trades with Using Fibs ( 22:52 )
11.8. Fib Convergences for High Probability Trades ( 06:41 )
11.9. Fib Retracement Convergences ( 06:02 )
11.10. Fib Retracement Convergence Examples ( 07:29 )
11.11. Fib Retracement and Extension Levels ( 15:28 )

CD Disk 7

11. Fibonacci - Part II

11.12. Using Fibs to Protect Your Stop (11:45)
11.13. CHF 60m Fib SR TL convergence (2:59)
11.14. EUR Multi Timeframe Simtrade (16:12)
11.15. EURJPY Daily Chart Reversal (4:36)
11.16. GBP 60m Trading the Bounce (2:58)
11.17. Use GBP Volatility with Technicals for Great Entries (3:52)
11.18. GBP 60m Using Multiple Tools to Find a Trade (2:54)
11.19. AUD Up Trend Fib Simtrade (5:30)
11.20. Simtrade Fib Convergence (16:05)
11.21. Fib and Daily High Simtrade (6:20)
11.22. GBPJPY One Move Multiple Trades Multiple Tools (18:02)
11.23. GBP Pennant Breakout Fib SR TL HL Simtrade (20:36)
11.24. CHF FOMC Fibs and SR (1:24)
11.25. Always Watch Your Fib Levels on Daily Charts (2:01)
11.26. GBP Live Trade with Chris Lori (20:00)
11.27. CHF Live Trade with Chris Lori (18:33)

12. Equity Management

12.1. Stop! Click Here. Equity Management! (18:34)
12.2. Equity Management Do This! (5:24)
12.3. Equity Management Don't Do This! (9:21)

CD Disk 8

13. Ideal Order Entry

13.1. An Absolutely Essential Lesson on Trade Entry (25:31)
13.2. How to Get Good Order Fills Using Your 5m Chart ( 06:46 )
13.3. Getting Good Order Fills Using 15m Chart ( 05:36 )
13.4. Refine Your Entry Thru Top Down Price Dissection ( 01:51 )
13.5. GBP Order Entry Example ( 04:36 )
13.6. Order Entry Technique on Head and Shoulders Pattern ( 14:24 )
13.7. Using Your 60m and 15m to Find Your Best Entry ( 04:49 )

14. Managing Your Trades

14.1. Managing Trades to Build Your Account with Discipline ( 21:52 )
14.2. Manage Your Stop Loss Using Fibs ( 09:31 )
14.3. Managing Short Term Trades Using 15m and 5m Fractals ( 11:43 )

15. Position Trading - Part I

15.1. Position Trades ( 18:16 )
15.2. EUR Medium Term Position Trade Example ( 07:09 )
15.3. CHF Turning a Short Term Trade into a Position Trade ( 10:53 )
15.4. Using Fibs to Find Position Trades on Long Term Charts ( 12:57 )
15.5. GBP Fib position Trade Entry ( 14:13 )

CD Disk 9

15. Position Trading - Part II

15.6. EUR Position Simtrade ( 14:50 )
15.7. CAD Daily Chart Position Trade ( 03:11 )
15.8. AUD Use Your Fibs and Tools on Weekly Charts ( 07:25 )
15.9. NZD Weekly Chart Position Trade ( 14:29 )

16. Reversal Formations - Part I

16.1. Head and Shoulders the Easy Way ( 16:16 )
16.2. Head and Shoulders Top Using MACD ( 19:37 )
16.3. Head and Shoulders Bottom Step by Step ( 15:09 )
16.4. Optimal HS Entries Using Fibs ( 07:21 )
16.5. Pick the HS Bottom with Fib and MACD ( 14:27 )
16.6. Bull Bear Battle Reversals ( 18:16 )
16.7. False Break Reversals ( 21:48 )

CD Disk 10

16. Reversal Formations - Part II

16.8. AUD Reversal using Daily High SR and Fibs ( 12:38 )
16.9. BBB 60m EUR Don't Give Back Pips ( 01:25 )
16.10. BBB 60m GBP Watch "The Figure" ( 07:40 )
16.11. CHF HS 60m Ideal Entry Method ( 06:16 )
16.12. Look at all Tools used to Get Optimal Entry on this HS ( 19:10 )
16.13. EUR 30m HS Short Simtrade ( 07:15 )
16.14. Use Your Pro Entry Technique to get in this HS Reversal ( 14:24 )
16.15. Find the Right Shoulder Using Fibs ( 15:48 )
16.16. GBP HS Fibs Simtrade ( 16:05 )
16.17. AUD 60m False Break Simtrade ( 05:38 )

17. Trading Indicators

17.1. Trading Indicators of Choice (14:34)
17.2. Input ATR to Chart (2:10)
17.3. ATR and Your Trading Plan (15:47)
17.4. ATR Volatility and GBP (5:53)
17.5. 10 Simple DMA (12:38)
17.6. 10 Simple DMA Moving Support and Resistance (4:45)

CD Disk 11

18. Trading GBP, "The Figure"

18.1. Trading GBP , "The Figure" (19:18)
18.2. The Figure GBP 15m Simtrade (4:34)
18.3. Making Money at The Figure GBP Series (7:15)
18.4. Rules to Trading The Figure (2:31)

19. The Pennant

19.1. The Pennant (7:58)

20. Choice Clip File

20.1. Trading CAD Top Down (32:52)
20.2. CADJPY and the Price of Oil (11:16)
20.3. EUR Daily Uptrend (12:43)
20.4. GBP Fundies and "The Figure" (14:22)
20.5. GBP Swoon 62 Retracement (14:23)
20.6. GBP Uptrend 38 Retracement (6:15)
20.7. Pennant Break and Fib Convergence (4:54)
20.8. Pennants Fibs and Pivots (7:27)
20.9. Sell 1.9000 GBP! (12:06)
20.10. Stalk Your Trades and Wait for Entry (3:23)
20.11. Watch 1.8630 GBP Fib Convergence (12:12)

CD Disk 12

21. Resources Menu

21.1. Bank Reports (6:53 )
21.2. Preparing Your Day (15:06 )
21.3. Setting Up Your Workspace (7:54)

22. Live Trades

22.1. Non-Farm Payroll Live GBP Trade (109:38)
22.2. Know when to Bail out in Live GBP Trading Action (41:25)

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