REAL TRADING PLANS FOR REAL TRADES FOR THE REAL WORLD. in existence. A color reproduction of the signed alteration is included in the book.

Robert Krausz has built a computerized trading plan around this. Does it work? 46 years of backtesting says, Yes!


The Basic Plan applied to IBM, Intel, J.P. Morgan, Eli Lilly and Philip Morris showed an annual return of some 50% average on a 50% margin. A commission of 12 cents per share was deducted. A total of 25 years was backtested (5 years for each). Interest charges or dividends were not included. The plan was applied on End of Day and Real Time format. The entire backtest period is fully illustrated, showing all rules, entries and exits.
"Library readers," please note that there is no money back guarantee on this book. The information shared is too valuable for anyone to just copy and then return the book.


Robert Krausz is acknowledged as a leading expert on Multiple Time Frame application. By teaching you how to combine swing strategies from two different time frames say, Daily & Weekly), superior results are possible. An entire chapter is devoted to this. If you consider intraday swing trading, some new techniques are shown.

Thom Hartle, Editor of Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine, comments:

"If you've ever seen Robert Krausz speak, or ever read Jack Schwager's New Market Wizards or his articles from STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine you will know that Krausz had identifies that the chief difference between the successful trader and the wanna-be is the lack of a thoroughly researched trading plan. But what exactly is a trading plan? Within these pages, you have the opportunity to learn and use a real trading plan - in fact, a plan that has shown remarkable viability over history. The plans offered within these pages cover all of the important conceptual issues of having defined entry and exit rules, risk management and profit objectives. In addition, Krausz introduces some new swing trading techniques."


A W D. Gann Treasure Discovered

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Major Credit Cards Accepted

Swing Trading plans as they should be. Every Entry and Exit rule is clearly defined and fully backtested. New concepts in money management, trailing stops and profit objectives are part of each plan.

Clear definitions are the essence of Krausz's approach to the markets. Every trade's result and rule used ties into the Daily Chart with a matching numbering system. You know when and why each trade occurred. The entire backtest is illustrated.

Example: A 6-year backtest on the T-Bonds based on a $30,000 account showed an annual average gain of 129% (before comission). This is called the Professional Plan which trades with the trends and contra trend. There are two other simpler plans.

The Basic Plan for T-Bonds that trades only with the trend has a 10-year backtest. Trade by trade, rule by rule. Illustrated charts for the entire period with every trade numbered, matching the results.


W.D. Gann actually changed this major Swing Trading calculations a few months before he passed away. This important handwritten alteration to his "Mechanical method and trend indicator" was signed in his usual purple ink; dated 1955. There is only one known copy


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