Galactic Stock Trader
The Research Instrument

JEANNE LONG'S GALACTIC STOCK TRADER (tm) Pick Stocks quickly and efficiently. Use Astronomical Cycles for timing to get the trading edge.
The Galactic Stock Trader (tm) software is designed to help you choose stocks with the potential to outperform the market in any time frame using planetary cycles.
The Search function of the Galactic Stock Trader (tm) can quickly perform a study of the database of more than 10000 stocks to find those which are entering into an up cycle and those which are entering into a down cycle. The Galactic Stock Trader (tm) is easy to use, and no previous knowledge of planetary cycles is needed.
The Tutorial provided with the program will quickly teach you how to use the software to give you the TRADING EDGE.
All information is presented in a easily understandable form to help you take advantage of over 20 years of market research by Jeanne Long, you will be able to put this information to work immediately to clarify your investment decisions.

Our stocks data base contains over 10000 entries of companies traded on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ. Listings include both incorporation and first trade information. A typical entry on a company shows their active trading symbol, the exchange, the official name of the company, the date of incorporation (and time if available), the state of incorporation, the date of first trade and time of first trade (if available).

Be aware though that company information changes rapidly. Companies merge or go out of business, companies change names, companies change exchanges and trading symbols. There may be hundreds of such changes each month. The list you download is updated frequently


You can simply choose individual stocks, selected stock sectors, or the entire stock database for your search. The Galactic Stock Trader (tm) will then give you the dates for the expansion and contraction cycles for all stocks in the chosen time frame. Almost 3000 first trade dates and incorporation dates have already been programmed into our database, and you can add more easily as new companies are incorporated or begin trading.


Choose the time frame.

Choose Incorporation or First Trade

Follow simple instructions from tutorial for the choice of planetary patterns that give stock prices a boost.


Screen Display (or printout) gives you a list of stocks and the important dates to watch for price increase.

The Galactic Stock Trader (tm) also includes over 30 commodities first trade dates. The search function again will pick the commodities with the most potential for price increase over any given time frame.

The astronomical cycles and planetary patterns used to find future periods of expansion and contraction of price can also be used to find your personal cycles. For example, you can create a database and insert your own birthdate and birthdates of friends into this database. A search can be done to determine positive and negative dates for the following:

Positive and Negative investing and trading dates
Positive and Negative business dates
Positive and Negative social dates
and much more

The Personal Database Creator is a new feature available for the Galactic Stock Trader program which allows you to compare your own Natal Chart to the Natal Charts of all of the Stocks in our database to find out which are most favorable for you to consider trading.  This new feature will create a new database from searches according to the parameters you define.  You can create as many new databases as you choose, and Cross-Search all databases to fine tune your searches for new trades or investments.  In this way you can focus on those Stocks whose Natal Charts are the most favorable to your own.

Click here to view or download the Personal Database Creator Manual in pdf format.


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